Meet the Rill Teacher

Hi,  Welcome to a Rill Classroom.  I'm Heather Rill.  I live in Maryland with my wonderful husband, our 9 year old daughter and our labradoodle Shack.  Life keeps us busy between work, school and our daughter's busy schedule, but we still love to just hang out together.

I can't believe it but I've been teaching for 20 years (I certainly don't feel that old, but former students out in the work force don't lie).  Most of that time has been in second grade which is definitely my favorite.  The kids are still enthusiastic and want to please and do well, (at least most of them do).  They are more independent than kindergartners and first graders, so you can get them started and away they go.  Makes small groups so much easier.

My husband, "H." and I have been married for 10 years.  He is a great guy.  He helps out with everything and even loves to cook, which is great because I can't stand it.  Baking is more my thing.  He is a great father and adores our daughter.

Speaking of our daughter, "K", she is pretty amazing.  Smart, beautiful, talented just like all daughters are.   She loves to dance and sing. Ever since she was two years old, she has been putting on shows for us.  Needless to say "The Voice" and "So You Think You Can Dance" are  big hits in our house.

Our dog Shack is three years old and has been living with us for about a year.  He is cream colored and curly and about 80 lbs.  Yup, he's a big boy!  He has a ton of energy and loves to jump around and have fun, chasing K, chasing squirrels, chasing rabbits....

Our constant challenge is food allergies.  Both K and Shack have them.  K is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, making an EpiPen our constant companion.  Shack is allergic to chicken.  This makes grocery shopping a constant adventure.  We have become experts at reading food labels.  By the way, you probably have no idea how hard it is to find dog treats that have neither chicken or peanuts!  As a teacher we all have dealt with students with food allergies, but it is nothing compared to living with it day in and day out.


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