Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday

It has been another lazy summer week.  Not as much rushing around, and not as many photos. Sorry.

1. The swim team season came to an end this week.  We had two last morning practices Monday and Tuesday, and one make-up relay meet Tuesday evening that was cancelled when the thunderstorms hit.  As K said "I can't wait til Wednesday!"  "Why?" I ask.  "We can sleep in -- no more practice"  and boy did we, at least for us.
The Swim Team

2.  We've been doing some cleaning up around the house, or at least trying to.  I don't know about you, but some how my house is messier in the summer when I'm actually home than in the winter.  So as soon as I start cleaning up, the mess just comes back.  I will admit, some of the mess is my "school projects" that are spreading out more than I intended.

3.   I looked at so many people's versions of their planners and binders and organization techniques that I sort of became obsessed. I searched and viewed tons. There were many that I  loved, but none of them would totally meet all my needs.  So I did what every teacher does... created my own.

Thanks Ashley Hughes for the paper and Scrappin Doodle for the label box.

4.   We've been catching up on Once Upon a Time.  Do any of you watch this series?  K got into it this spring and we bought the first season.  We've been watching this summer and now Hans is totally hooked as well.  So much so that Sunday I had to go out and search for season 2.  I absolutely love how they explore the fairy tales we all know, weave them together and teach us about love, loyalty and family.  What I love even more is watching K watch and explore these characters and worlds.  I'm thrilled every time she makes connections between the story lines and events and how she is able to predict.  I only hope she does this in school when she reads.  Love it, love it, love it, love it!

Snow White from "Once Upon a Time"

5.   A day spent with Nana.  Once a week we try to spend one day with my mother who lives about 20 minutes away.  She loves summer as much as we do because it means more time with her girls.  Not sure what is in the plans for today (Friday).  There has been talk of a movie.... maybe "How To Train Your Dragon?"  We will have to see what we all feel like doing.

K and Nana (taken a while ago...)

So that was our week.  We are loving summer.  I try to avoid looking at the calendar too frequently (are there really only 4 weeks left?)  How was yours?


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