Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday - The First Week

Yeah,  I know, I haven't blogged in a while.  Bet you can't guess why?  Ah man... you did.  That's
right... we are back to school.  So last week I was all wrapped up in planning and decorating.  And then Monday... they walked in the door, 20 little second graders.

So here are my five from the last 2 weeks.

1.  Walking into my room for the first time.

That table is full of all the supplies we ordered and the papers from the
copy center I had ordered last June.  Thank you mom for divying up all
those copies between me and my teammates!

Before we went back for our professional days, my sister-in-law challenged my husband, myself, and my daughter to the ALS ice bucket challenge.  This was special to me.  My uncle had ALS.  He battled it for 7 years...that's two years longer than most people who are diagnosed with the horrible disease.  And my father, while he didn't have ALS, he did have an even rarer degenerative muscular disease called Inclusion Body Myositis.  As our neighbor poured that ice water over my head, I was hearing my dad's belly laugh and my uncle's chuckle at our antics, knowing they were proud of all the attention being brought to this cause.  If no one challenged you over the summer or you want to learn more please check out this website.  My uncle was passionate about funding research to try to find a cure for ALS.

Isn't funny  the things you find when you begin unpacking your room.  This year I lost my two teammates and gained two new ones.  One of my new teammates found these shoes in her closet!


I've kept my Hollywood theme going this year.  And I wanted my kids to have a way to share themselves keeping with the theme.  So I created my own All About Me poster. I will be putting these up on the board for Back to School Night.

And finally, my big third grade, and our bundle of fur, ready to head off to school.  Those of you who are teachers and parents know who bittersweet that first day of school can be.  So as I headed off to my school, and had to leave my daughter at home with her dad.  Her amazing dad who has always taken off the first day of school, so he could take her when I couldn't.  She was so excited and has had a great first week.  Oh, forget to mention, she decided to take down all the princesses from her room that had been there since she was two.  She's growing up.  At least she put up puppy posters and not One Direction.

So to all of you who have been back at school for awhile Kudos!  And to those of you starting next week Good Luck!



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