Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doddle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  This last week has been, well, un-normal is the best way to describe it.

1.  School officially ended last Friday.  Of course Monday was a teacher work day to pack up our classrooms.  We are allowed to leave bulletin boards up, but I decided I wanted to move things, so of course I took everything down.

Including the word wall above my windows.  My kids were very amused by my standing on the heating system to take them down!

2.   We had our seasonal  check up on our AC and what a shocker!  Our 1986 unit needed to be replaced.  Of course, it only made sense to replace the 1997 furnace with it.  So Wednesday, the hottest day so far this year, the guys came out to put the new ones in.  My husband is totally excited about the app that lets him adjust things from his phone!

Photo: Replacing the old system...and it IS old...1986...yes, that's right...1986...we and the other homeowner predecessors used it for all it was fingers crossed the other unit on the other side of the house lasts as long, it at least until this new one is paid off!! Lol!...Ouch.

Can you guess which is which?

3.  I finished up my packet on Steve Jenkins Down, Down, Down, and uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers. This book about the ocean and all the wonderful life in it is part of our non-fiction curriculum for the first quarter.  I have to admit I learned a lot about ocean life the first time I read this book.  And the kids love it too!  Always a plus.  In this packet, I've included some comprehension questions as well as a quick little writing project.  This could easily be part of a larger study of ocean life.

4.  The dance recital is this Saturday, so Wednesday we headed off to dress rehearsal.  Any dance moms out there know rehearsals can be crazy and this was no exception.  Tradition says bad dress rehearsal means a great show.  We'll see....  Here they are performing "Car Wash".

5.  Swim team is in full swing.  Practice at 8:00 in the morning isn't helping the sleeping in much, but she is loving it!

Next week is full on summer!  More fun to come.


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