Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Into the Ocean with Non-Fiction

One of the first non-fiction books we use at the beginning of the year is Down, Down, Down by Steve Jenkins.  I love this book.  It is a wonderful adventure through the various zones of the ocean from the surface all the way to the Marianas Trench, 35,000 feet below sea level.

Down, Down, Down: A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea
I was impressed the first time I read this book with the details in the writing and the illustrations.  I learned a lot about those amazing creatures living deep in the lower levels of the ocean.  The children of course are fascinated with all the wild animals and their unique adaptations.

Steven Jenkins uses an abundance of adjectives and descriptions in his travels through the ocean, allowing for great discussions on how adjectives and descriptive phrases add to the understanding and enjoyment of a text. 
It is also a great text for having the children identify supporting details for the main ideas presented in the book.  Each page focuses on a specific level and type of animal or adaptation.  

I've created a packet to accompany this book, which includes various reading and writing activities, aligned to the common core.


Since Steve Jenkins uses such great adjectives, I've also created some cards for a matching game using the comparative and superlative adjectives from the book.  I hope you enjoy it.

This book fits in nicely with any unit on non-fiction texts and also with a back-to-school or end of the year unit on the ocean or beach.  



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