Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday

We had a pretty awesome week in the Rill house.  

1.  The week started off on a really high note.  K made the competitive dance team at her studio!  We are super excited for her.  That does mean three hours a week at the dance studio.  I guess that will be my grading time as I wait in the lobby.

2.  Tuesday was K's day too.  She performed in her music school's end of the year recital.  She sang "Clairty" by Zed as her teacher accompanied on the guitar.  What an amazing singer, if I do say so myself.

3.  So I started to tackle the pile in my living room.  I spent a few hours and over 600 staples, putting together Reading A to Z books for the fall.  Now I won't have to do it as the kids are sitting around the table waiting for me to start the group.  Not quite sure how many books that is?

4.  Of course, we've had swim practice each morning.  8:00 am is awfully early for this mom, although since I'm just sitting at the pool reading, I'll deal with it.

5.  Beados!  Have you discovered this yet.  We worked on creating some little works of art.  We ran out of beads before being able to finish our minion "beado, beado, beado..."

So this week was a lot about K, which is a good thing!



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